Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family pictures 2010

A friend of mine, Stephanie is great at photography and she volunteered to do some family pictures, I think they turned out very nice!  Thanks Steph!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sydney is so smart, she is already repeating words that we say, and she started climbing up the steps when whe was 9 months, she is standing by herself now, and will be walking soon, but whenever you make a noise she will mimick you, it's so cute!  But let me just say,.....the hair on this girl is crazy!  I don't want to cut it because if I cut it then it will never pull down.  I figure you need the weight of her hair and that should finally pull her hair down to show it's length.  When you get it wet it is already more than halfway down her back, but the cutest thing is that there is just so much of it and it is so curtly, and they are the perfect little ringlet curls.  So many people have asked us if her hair is naturally curly or if we permed it.  Funny!  She also sucks on her hair, and if I want to put her hair back, I have to use things like elastics, because she just rips barrettes and clips right out!  Another funny thing is that if I try to put shoes on her she curls up her little toes so that it's impossible to get her shoes on her.  She has the sweetest, cutest, happiest little personality. 

This is Sydney's little scrunch face, it's the cutest thing ever!  She does it just to make us laugh!  So , so cute!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Auntie Gina with Sydney

My sister, just fell in love with the kids, and just immediately clung to Sydney,....she loves babies more than anything in the world.  She is also with her youngest son, Justin!  He's a cutie too!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whitley's new place!

So Whitley had to be at the school by Monday morning September 6th for orientation and parent things that were going on that day and to move into her dorm.  She is staying at Helen Lamprecht Hall, which is a cooking dorm and she shares a bedroom with Brooklyn, and then they have another bedroom which Camilla, and Jessica share.  These are pictures of her new dorm.  So Monday we got her all moved in and then on Tuesday we needed to go shopping to buy her things that we couldn't really buy in advance and bring with us.  We already brought 9 suitcases between the 5 of us and the 4 biggest ones were hers.  But we went and bought supplies like paper towel, detergent for her laundry, a bunch of food at sam's like butter, cereal, cookies, milk, etc, and then a trunk type thing, and some decorations, laundry basket, hangers, etc.  Whitley stayed with us in the hotel room while we were there, she wanted to spend as much time with us as she could before we left.  That night in bed we were just all talking in the dark about old times and Dan asked me to say family prayer that night and I couldn't do it because I was bawling so I asked him if he could do it and he couldn't so we just all sat there crying for a little bit.  I will miss her so much.  It's going to extra tough on me to see my oldest baby go and not be in the house anymore. Makes me sad just thinking about it, but I know without a doubt that this is where she is supposed to be.  But,....on with the pictures,

                                                   The spacious living room, or shall we say "great" room,.....
  Her place is small, but it's enough for them, and they seem to like it.  I doubt she will be staying on campus next year though.
                                                                  The dining room,
                                              Looking out the door from her apartment,................

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whitley being silly with the kids!

Whitley had fun with the kids in the cabin at night.  She had brought this with her, (talk about bringing the important stuff) and was playing with the kids and they just thought it was hillarious!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our big Trip!

Well, this is our big trip this year and it is to take Whitley to college at BYU in Idaho.

So we flew to Salt Lake City, and got to stay there and visit with my Dad and my sister Gina for several days, I also saw my Aunt Jean and my Aunt Virginia both of which I hadn't seen for about 20 years or so.  So that was nice, and it's always nice to see my dad and my sister and her kids.  Bryce (Gina's) oldest (who by the way got his mission call to Tulsa Oklahoma) came with us when we went to Yellowstone.  It was nice to spend some time with him.  What a great kid he is.  We are so proud of him.  All of Gina's kids are great though!  I hope that Justin will serve a mission also, and follow in his brother's footsteps.  We had a great time, I just wish we could see them more often, but I am certainly grateful for the time we do have.

                  Ian in his car seat on the airplane,

                                                              and Sydney in hers.
This is Daddy and Ian up the canyon in Salt Lake City.  It's Big Cottonwood Canyon, and it's absolutely beautiful up there!

This is our cabin in Yellowstone.  It was pretty nice.  Clear out in the boonies.  Man the stars at night were gorgeous out there.

                                            This is Logan and Addi they are so cute, they are our friends Craig & Brook's kids!
                                                           Me and my babygirl,....................

                                                     Ian's finger in it's favorite place, staying warm...........

                                                      These are the hot pots in Yellowstone

                                     These are our great friends Craig & Brooke and their kids, Logan, Sawyer, & Addison, we were able to meet them out at Yellowstone and share a cabin.  We had a lot of fun with them.  We miss them a lot, but they had to go and move to the Tri-Cities in Washington State, but we still love them and try to do things with them whenever we can.  Such a sweet family!

                             These 2 owls were on our cars in the morning when we woke up, I have never seen such big owls in my life!

                                                               More beautiful Yellowstone, ............

                                                     Ian playing in the dirt,.......and,...the garbage can,..........

                                                          Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt,...............

My nephew Bryce, he is a great kid, we just love him, and wish him well on his mission, he'll be awesome!
And this is Old Faithful,....we couldn't bring ourselves to leave without seeing it first,.....