Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ian is 9 months old!

So we went to the Dr. for his 9 month checkup. Here are his stats:

Height: 29 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs. 8 1/2 oz. ( 35th percentile)
Head: 45 cm (43rd percentile)

He's growing like a weed. If you ask me though, I could have sworn he was about 25 lbs. I couldn't believe it when the Dr. told me how much he weighed. He also had to get 2 shots. He got the last of his Hepatitis B vaccines, and a flu shot. He will go back for his flu shot booster in the beginning of November.

Now he is getting even more teeth. He now has 5 teeth in (3 bottom front and 2 top front) and is getting 3 more in. So when he is done with this round of teething he will have the front 4 teeth on both the top and bottom. That explains why he has been a little crabby! As of his 9 month birthday, he no longer wants anything to do with formula. He just won't drink it at all. I don't know why,......maybe he just doesn't like the taste of it anymore, the only thing he will drink is water! He loves it!

As of about 8 months he will no longer eat baby food. Well, he will only eat baby sweet potatoes if he's in the mood and baby bananas. Other than that, he wants nothing to do with it. He wants EVERYTHING that we are eating. Regular people food. Doesn't matter what it is. If we happen to be eating or drinking something in front of him, it doesn't matter what it is, he wants some. One time I was eating grapefruit for breakfast after he had eaten his own breakfast and he wanted some, so I gave him just a little piece because he was getting all mad because I kept telling him he wouldn't like it, but I gave him a little piece and you should have seen the sour look on his face. It was hillarious! Sometimes I think he can't possibly like what we're eating he just eats it because we are. Last night I made a Chicken Bruschetta sandwich which had a mixture of tomatoes, garlic, basil, and balsamic vinegar to put on top of the chicken, and he ate it. I couldn't believe it.
Here is baby talking. Dan swears he's acknowleding him as "Da Da!"