Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ian's Blessing

Today Ian was blessed in Church! It was so neat. Dan of course did the blessing. The following people stood in: My dad, our Brother-in-law Kurt (my sister Angela's husband), Bishop , Bro. Chapman, Bro. Lund, Bro. Ruffell and a good friend of ours, Elder Cluff. Almost all of Dan's family came also, Dan's Uncle Bob, Annie ( Dan's Mom), Rich and Lynn and their kids, Brian and Elizabeth (Dan's Brother and his family) Ed and Lisa (Dan's other brother and his wife) and Cory and their two kids Troy and Sam (Dan's other brother Tom's wife and their kids). We thought it was very nice of them to come for us on this day. Ian was all dressed in white and he looked so cute! He was so good all through the service too. And when they took him up to get blessed he didn't make a sound! He was so cute! Dan said that someone in the circle told him that he peeked at Ian while the blessing was being given and Ian was just looking around at those in the circle and smiling. The blessing was wonderful! Here are the basics of what was said in the blessing: "We stand before thee to give our baby a name and a blessing and the name he shall be known by is Ian Micheal. Ian I give you a blessing that you may be able to discern between good and evil. I bless you to know that many people on this earth love you, and that you are in our home because you are loved by us and your birthparents. I give you a blessing that you will always have confidence and humility and I give you a blessing to know that you are here under special circumstances, as part of a divine plan as layed out in the prexistence for you. I bless you that as you stay faithful to the things you are taught and perservere through hardships and trials you have in your life that your family will be there for you. " It was beautiful and very emotional for us. We know how blessed we are to have this beautiful little child in our home, and that the Lord has been watching over each of us, as adopted parents, as siblings, as birthparents. We hope and pray that Ian will always know how much he is loved by us all.

These pictures are of Roni dressing Ian for his blessing and at church after the blessing.